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Tan Accentuating Apparel

Product Story

Did you know that wearing the right contrast of colors can accentuate your tan and give you a darker appearance?

These genuine Howlite and Jasper stone bracelets use a natural crisp white and light grey to bring out your tan for this summer season. Perfect for casual wear on both guys and girls.
All bracelets are handmade here at my home in Westerville Ohio where they are also tested, packaged and shipped!
Bracelet Specifications
  • Small: approx. 6.2in/16cm
  • Regular: approx 6.8in/17.5cm
  • Large: approx. 7.4in/19cm
  • Beads: Genuine Howlite (white) and Jasper (Grey) Stones
  • Cord: Stretchy
  • Number of bracelets: 1/2
  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Handmade
  • Quality: Very high quality
  • Shipping: Free!